Getting Started: Our Story

One of the first things we hear when people find out we’re foster to adopt parents is, “Oh, bless your hearts, I could never do that. To love a child then have to send them back, I just couldn’t.” To which, up to now, I have only ever responded with a shrug, “Well…”

What could I say? That we don’t love them while they are with us? Not true. That it’s easy? Not true. That I’m a saint? Definitely not true! So, after five years, I decided I’d like to share the, ‘why and how’, we do it. Partly because it’s a great story, and partly because we need more foster homes with parents willing to share their lives, their home and their love with the hurting children of our community. And the reality is, there’s more than any of us care to admit or want to hear about. They are on your block, in your community, they are friends with your children at school, and they need somewhere safe to live. Sometimes for 24 hours, sometimes forever.

But, at the very least, I hope to share our story of hope, and love, with all the joy and craziness that comes with it. This is how God brought our children to us, making me mommy, and continues to bless through the excitement and challenges of life.