And Baby Makes Three- A Whole New Life

My focus at the meeting I couldn't reschedule the day we got 'the call'....well, lets just say I have NO idea what it was about. My thoughts were elsewhere. 'What are the details? Why is he in care? Is he healthy? How long will he stay with us? Is Scott back yet?'  I stood at the door waiting for our car to pull up.....questions continuing to well up, 'Will he be a good sleeper? What do you feed a one year old? We need to find a pediatrician! And a daycare!' All the things generally thought on, and planned for, during a nine month pregnancy, the things, What to Expect When You're Expecting, books help you prepare for, flooded me. And then I saw him. My husband, carrying our Timothy into the building. He was a bald, chubby cheeked, bare footed little guy holding on to Scott like he'd been there all his life. Some images sear your mind and stay with you forever. He was dirty and tired and was stuffed into an outfit about 9 months too small. I laid him on a classroom table to change his diaper and put on the new outfit my friend had just taken me to buy. My hands shook and my eyes watered, but he smiled, clapped and got down from the table to explore his new surroundings. We called him Mowgli that day because he 'crawled' on hands and feet with his diaper butt stuck up in the air, bink hanging sideways out of his mouth. Our guy. We both knew now why the other 3 calls (9 kids) didn't feel right to us....this one was right.

As I said before, we coached the volleyball team and still had practice that night....yeah right! One of the moms watched him while we tried to run practice, but the girls carried on over this little guy so much we finally said, forget it, and just let them play. That evening, our family met us at the house to meet 'our son'. (We weren't yet sure what we were supposed to call him, or what we should call ourselves to him) My sister-in-law showed up with a Winnie the Pooh high chair. I told her, 'Beth, you shouldn't have! He might only be here a couple days." But, she was as excited as we were and said, "Well, just in case."

What a butterball.

Timothy fit right in to our home and our family. It was really as if he'd always been there, or at least, was supposed to be there now. We took the next day off to find a doctor and daycare and buy the essentials, some more clothes, and a couple toys. We had a baby. Every moment was so surreal. After a few days, we finally met with the social worker and were filled in on a few details. He informed us with a case like this, generally the child is back with parents within a few weeks. This news saddened us, but we decided then and there that we would love this boy with reckless abandon. That we would be mom and dad and he would be our son, even if it was only for a few weeks. That for those days, he would have 'home' and all that implies. We loved him and Timothy needed to know that.

"I was worth the wait."