Adoption Day!

It's amazingly coincidental that I've made it to this point of our story this week....the same week parental rights were terminated on our daughter we hope to adopt (I'll get to that story soon!), and the same week we celebrate our three year anniversary of this wonderful day!

Our adoption day was scheduled for December 19, and it could not get here soon enough!

We dressed and readied ourselves and our boys. Our sons! Finally, it would be an official statement!

Timothy was now 3 years and 3 months old, Mason was 21 months and Elijah was 4 months. We had been a family for 2 years and 3 months, but on this day it would be made official and they would take our name.

I don't remember exactly how long the wait was, but finally they called us back. For the most part it was fairly anticlimactic as we signed some papers and were given some of the same talks we'd had at our previous meetings basically reminding us that adopting them meant they became ours. But then the judge asked Timothy if his mommy and daddy took good care of him, to which he replied with Timothy sized enthusiasm, "Yes!". Then he looked at Mason and asked him the same question. In his typical big brother fashion, Timothy took it upon himself to inform the judge, that yes, we also took good care of Mason. And with that, the adoption was complete.

We had considered for a while that we might change their names, but when the time came, we decided that they were Timothy and Mason and we did not want to change that. But we did change both of their middle names to family names. Timothy acquired Scott's dad's middle name and Mason, my dad's. They were officially Timothy Wade and Mason Eugene, and they would be forever our sons.

Akin 5 and Gram