It's been three amazing years, today, since we adopted the boys! I would love to say that today we will be celebrating as we have each year, at a restaurant we wouldn't normally frequent with our loud and messy crew, but this year....the flu struck. Ick. Of the four kids, 2 have strep and 3 have the flu...Eli got the double whammy, poor kid! Thankful for daddy, because after making 4 trips to the doctor in one day, mommy also got the flu. Glad he was able (and willing) to stay home from work to take care of us all. We are better, but not well enough to be out to eat in public.

So, for today, we will pile on the couches together and watch a movie, or two, eat what we can find and each feel like, and be grateful for each other. Because not everyday is Pintrest worthy, but every day is a gift. Some of my deepest felt 'mommy moments' have been the less pretty ones, like cleaning vomit out of a bed, and off of a 3 year old, at 11pm and explosive poop from my 3 and 1 year old, off everything the next morning! But, those are the times, when no one else sees, that we can be the biggest hero to a sobbing little boy with a tummy ache, or a baby girl with poop from her ankles to her neck. The one who can soothe with a song, or do with one hand, what should take four. When auto pilot takes over, and I know just what each needs, because, simply put, I am their mommy. It's my job to know what they need and very little brings me such joy, as caring for my kids.

But I digress, the point here today, is our happy three year anniversary! Soon, I hope to begin the next chapter of our adoption story so the baby girl in the pictures can face the camera. For now, these boys, the life we are fortunate enough to live each day, began as a struggle, became a willingness to say 'yes', was a complete surrender to, and faith in, God's plan, and at last, our family.