Baby makes 3!

July 2011: His room was ready, his brothers were ready, his momma and daddy were ready....but first...PICS! We had the best time with maternity pictures taken by our dear friend, Angela, when I was about 7.5 months. They turned out beautiful and are such a treasure!

After MUCH debate and several options deeply considered, we finally settled on a name. Little man would be named Elijah Earl. My grandpa, Gram's husband, passed away from ALS when my mom was 14. His name was Earl and from what I hear, he was quite a man. Someone I am so proud to name my son after.

Being pregnant was such a blessed time for me, but another truth....I was a little worried about the whole delivery part. I'm sure I'm not the only woman to ever fret over the idea that this person, tiny as they may be once they're out, has to get know...the way they've got to get out. Timothy was curious about this as well when he'd hear us say his baby brother would be here soon. "Oh mommy, how's he gonna get out of you? Will they cut your tummy open? Do you have to push him out like poop?" Oh, how close to correct you are dear son!

I knew I was going to attempt to go natural, without any drugs, mostly because I knew the needle would make me pass out and they'd do a C-section, which I did not want to do. I hoped between the pain of contractions, the anticipation of a baby, and the pacemaker, my heart and blood pressure would stay up enough to keep me from losing consciousness. We also hoped having a planned date in mind would help with this. My mom delivered my little sister and I super fast and was afraid I'd be the same. We live an hour from my doctors office/labor and delivery, so he agreed to schedule to induce one week before my due date on August 17. One of Scott's biggest fears was having to deliver our baby on I-65!!

Sunday morning, three days before the scheduled induction, my water broke at 2:30am. I woke Scott up and said, "I think it's happening!" He said, "What it?" Seriously?! "The baby Scott, I think my water just broke!" Sleep must have clouded his judgment because he then asked, "Are you sure?" Men, a little advice, don't ask a woman that! Unless I just involuntarily peed the bed, twice, then yes, I'm pretty sure! That man flew out of bed, completely operational, which other than his years in combat, never happens without coffee! We had our plan in place, but still it seemed we had NO idea what we were doing. We had our sitter, Gine`, keep her phone on her day and night, just in case, so when she didn't answer the first time, we kinda panicked, but her calm, "Ok, I'm on my way" the second try, reassured us. Gram came to be with the boys until she got there and to cheer us on.

After she arrived and we finally got ourselves together enough to leave, the downpour began. It rained so hard the entire drive which caused Scott to have to drive slower, filling him with the dread that the baby would come before we made it. With every contraction the words 'having a baby' would sing-song their way out of my mouth, while he'd say, "Oh baby, I'm hurrying. Please wait just a few more minutes." My mom called about every 10 minutes to make sure we weren't pulled over having a baby and to assure me, through the sounds of my sobbing, that I could do this just fine.

We pulled into the labor and delivery valet. Scott opened my door to help me, and my soaked shorts, out of the car when the tears unloaded from my eyes. He said, "Why are you crying? We're here, now there's nothing to worry about." Oh yeah, nothing except that big baby I still have to push out of me!!!

Cut to the water broke at 2:30am, we got to the hospital about 5:20 and Elijah was in my arms at 8:15 am, less than 6 hours later. While the pain was very intense, it was all so amazing. I had to remind Scott to encourage me during the contractions because 'he was nervous', but otherwise, he was the best during it all. And that moment....when they handed him our son. My oh my. There are no words.

Big brothers, Timothy and Mason, were SO excited to finally meet their new baby brother! In 23 months we went from 0 to 3....

Little blessings