Catching up with the Boys

During the months of pregnancy bliss, a lot of life was lived with our sons who were getting more and more curious about my growing belly. Especially when we began telling them their baby brother was growing in there! They would talk to him, try to tickle him, feel him kick and move. It was such a fun time for us all.

Snuggle time with Momma and baby

Timothy battled a lot of strep throat for several months before the doc decided it was time for surgery. That was a fun two weeks! Thankful my mom, Onka Gang, was able to come out and stay with us to help during this time.
Timothy had a tonsillectomy in January

Mason had his first birthday!

Mason turns 1!!!!

Sweet May May took his first steps!

And then learns to walk at 13 months!

Happy Easter bunnies from Onka Gang

Oh, and did I mention, baby #2 in the crib.


When a child is removed from home and placed in foster care, there is a 'plan' developed and put in place for the biological parents specifically addressing their needs and goals for them to accomplish in order to have the child returned to parent, which is always the goal until that is changed by the court. While this plan was in place in our case, not much was being done by the biologicals to work toward any of the goals. These are not my details to give, but what it did mean for us, was a lot of court dates where very little, if anything, was accomplished. We were not required to attend a single court date but we decided from the beginning we would. It was important to us to be informed of the progress and we wanted the judge to know our boys had parents involved in their well being.

 At some point early that spring, we finally had a victory.....the goal was changed from 'return to parent' to 'adoption'. While this sounds like the final step, it is simply the first. The next step, after mounds of paperwork completed by lawyers and social workers, is termination of parental rights. For about three months we had court every two weeks were absolutely nothing happened. Usually Scott took off work for these because I was missing plenty of work for trips to the doctor. He would arrive at 1:00, usually sit for 2-3 hours to spend less that 10 minutes in the court room to find out the date would be pushed another two weeks for this reason or that. It was really frustrating, but there was nothing we could do to move things along, and it was important enough to us to keep going. Then one day, during end of the school year professional development meetings, I received an email....we had a termination date of July 18!!!