Christmas 2014

It's 9:00 pm Christmas night and Scott's been asleep for 3 hours fighting a bug. We, some combination of our family of 6, have been sick for 7 days now. Strep, flu, bug.....I'm OVER. IT. If his mimics mine, he'll be down for the count another 2.5 days, vomit, then be almost instantly better. Not a ton of fun, but, you know....there are always days like this. It just stings a little more when it's Christmas. The kids missed their parties at school, we missed the candle light service at church, and now, tonight...nachos for Christmas dinner for the kids and I. Who knows, maybe it will be our new Christmas dinner tradition, born out of sickness in 2014! At any rate, the kids are asleep after a highly stimulating day that started early, went fast and furious, then finally simmered down a bit with a movie before bed. I'd go to bed early, but we napped with the kids for two hours. I have NO idea what to do with myself, so I figured I'd write. Not really sure what about yet, so it might be a mix of thoughts that may, or may not, come together in the end!

When I started this blog it was mostly due to comments from friends that I should write about our story. Then, we decided maybe we could give a positive voice to foster care. And then I thought, maybe this could be a good way to document everything for the kids, and, poof...a blog was born. After almost every post, I stew about the content, should I share so much, should we be more private, are we really ok with so many reading this? My admin page shows I've had readers in France and Ukraine!! So, I fret about being so public, but then I think, if you know me, you know I have so few secrets. Scott has told me for years, "You don't have to tell everything" because I am such an open book and will pretty much share anything, down to the details. So then I figure, maybe this is ok. No body will read it that doesn't want to because I have no advice, fancy recipes, or witty humor...only us. The fact is, our story is what it is. I'm not going to lie, or deny such a story to my kids, or anyone else who asks, about how we came to be. When I tell Timothy about the mommy and daddy who couldn't have a baby and they prayed and prayed and one day, God brought us him. And I'm able to tell him how, after years of trying and months of waiting and a week of saying no, it is no accident that at just the right time, we said yes. That's powerful, even to a 6 year old. Every detail, every answered and unanswered prayer led us right to this place and I couldn't be more thankful. Even in our toughest of moments...imagining a life other than this, well, I just can't.

And so, we'll continue hoping that, while sharing our story, I can also leave our children something special. And, if even one finds a little hope along the way, then it was worth sharing.

With that, I will say my final, "Merry Christmas", of the year. My prayer is that we all will do as Elijah did at the children's Christmas musical, and break out of line, overcome any obstacle and even break the rules a little if we have to, just to get a little closer to Jesus. Take the time to see HIM in everything.