Five Years of Christmas

2009-2013 Our Christmases since our first little man, Timothy showed up.  

Before the candlelight service at our church in 2009 with Onka Gang and Gram.


Banged up face from falling against the fireplace. :(

2010--- a new Tricycle!

Mason's first Christmas!

2011--- boys helping Daddy with the tree.

 Elijah's first Christmas!

Christmas morning!

Heading to church. We waited for the adoption so we could dedicate all three of our boys together.

Daddy snuggles with Eli.


2012--Sleepy boogie

My handsome guys!

Christmas morning!

Making sure Santa ate his cookies.


Mason and Timothy shepherds at the church program.

Family time.

Mimi reading to the kids.

2013---A visit from Santa!

With Mimi Berta.

More family time!

More Santa!

Reindeer food.

Making Santa's favorite cookies...Oreos dipped in melted white chocolate chips.

Family time on Christmas Eve. 

Pinterest has nothing on us! "Don't let the baby fall!" "Please, look at the tree!"

Every day we are, at least momentarily, in awe of how full our lives, our home and our hearts are, but for some reason, during Christmastime we find ourselves reflective on it all. Amazed that God saw fit to bring us this crew. That He put people in our lives that would pray for us, love us, encourage us and help see us through some of the toughest moments. The phrase, 'it takes a village'......if we tried to fit everyone around our tree who has helped with our kids, loved them, prayed for them, or us. If we rounded up the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who, without a moments hesitation, loved with all their might.... Well, let me just say, we would need a much bigger tree. We are excited for what love and joy this 2014 Christmas will bring. Wishing you HOPE for the New Year and LOVE, in HIM.