A Romantic Moment

About 7 years ago, before Scott and I were married, when we were looking at property to buy and houses to build that were well out of reach, we found ourselves dancing to A Love Song by Loggins and Messina, daydreaming about our kids that would one day look down from their rooms at their mommy and daddy dancing arm in arm, so completely in love. That song was supposed to be in our wedding, but Scott surprised me by singing a song he had written instead. I haven't heard that song in several years but it came on the playlist a few days ago. Our eyes met, we smiled lovingly as we met each other's embrace from across the room. Our bodies fell together just as they had years ago, dancing arm in arm to our song, only this time, instead of daydreaming of our kids watching us dance, we caught them from the corner of our eyes outside, Timothy and Mason shoving each other down the hill and Eli chasing them, in 20 degrees with no coat on. The romance stifled by our chuckles and my 'OMG, how did he get out without his coat?!'! Different than we expected, but still the dream!