First three months of 2012

Scott says "too many pictures and not enough stories", but trying to write about every day life, 3 years ago is tough! Since remembering those days though pictures is a bit easier for me, I will attempt to capture some highlights of the year 2012 this way, while we wait on an important court date that will allow me to tell the rest of our adoption journey!

January brought with it, new OU hats for Timothy and Mason, fever for Mason, who opted for snuggles in mommy and daddy's bed, and a visit from family for the celebration.

Grandpa and Elijah--LOVE
T and M sporting OU gear
Poor baby.

February, I began making my own baby food, which I loved! Elijah was a wonderful guinea pig, because he loved everything! Except potatoes.....the boy would NOT (and still won't) eat a potato. Timothy had a trip to the dentist, and our sweet Mason turned 2!! What a wonderful two years it had been with this little man! (I turned, 28, I think, but there's no photographic proof of that!)

Baby bullet is awesome!

Such a good patient.

Happy Birthday!

Here's a Facebook post I made March 1st, almost 3 years ago, just after Mason turned 2: 

Mornings with May-May: After a loud and drawn out "Momma" comes the flopping about in protest of begining his morning (I so get this!) followed by curling his whole self up on his pillow...cute! When he sees I'm still waiting he throws himself to the other end of his crib on top of his stuffed animals, face first. He then hands them to me one by one, first penquin, then turtle, then woo, then sheep...for hugs and kisses. Then and only then will he give in to being removed from his sacred sleeping place. What a life...lovin every minute of it!

sweet snuggly boy

March brought warmer weather and tons of outside time, playing, building fence, or at least digging a hole for little boys to play in!! It also brought a trip to the surgical center for ear tubes for Eli, learning to hit off a tee for the big boys and porch sitting with Great Gram.

Mason and Timothy

Smiles after tubes
"I'm just resting"

Daddy learning Mason

Eli with Great Gram

An amazing gift during this season of life, is what great friends they became. Mason and Timothy had become pretty cute playmates, and now they had a little brother who was really wanting to keep up, keep their attention and join in the fun. I'm thankful for the moments of sweet snuggles and shows of affection between them, because with this stage also came intense toddler rules of possession. You know, if it was, is, or ever will be in my grasp, then it's mine. So, we're wondering when this stage ends....three years later and we're still kinda there! "I looked at that yesterday, it's MINE!" But I digress.....these were special days that make for wonderful memories.