July-September of 12

Oh, this year was full of such sweetness! I have LOVED looking back at all the pictures that have captured this time of our lives. Video's of peek-a-boo with an infant Eli. Mason, drumming his plastic drum counting, "1, 2, 3, 4" as Eli dances to the beat. Timothy wanting to be big, but still so little as he heads in to a big school, or out to 'work' with Daddy. This is nearly 3 years ago, but I can remember as if it was yesterday! Makes me realize how quickly the time is flying and how I need to hold them more while I still can. To sing to them every night while they're young enough to want me to. To praise them, cheer them on, teach them, and play tag while I can still catch them.

"Julia, what do you want to be when you grow up?"  "I want to be a mom."

Here it is, and it won't last forever. Not like this. Not where they need you, where they are small enough to be held, and young enough to want that. Not where a hug and kiss can heal a hurt knee, or a nap can reset the day. Not where a juice box with lunch makes me a rockstar, but only 2 cookies makes me a 'mean mom'. These days, this season, these boys.....I don't want to rush any of it. I want to create with them, enjoy and explore the outdoors with them, dress them alike as long as they'll allow and snap a thousand pictures, so in 3, or 10, or 20 years, when I look back, I can remember the way they felt when I held them, the perfectly sweet smile on their faces, and the sound of their laughter. They are what God has called me to in this life. To love them. To raise these little men.

My goodness, that's huge. Some days I wonder if I'm up for the job. (Some days I know I'm not!) Daily I'm thankful perfection is not required of me, that God has chosen to use me in their lives, and that they love me. When I hear, "Mommy, yours my best friend", I think, maybe I'm doing ok.

July: The month I thought Pinterest would save my summer! I made sidewalk paint and a bubble blower with half a Gatorade bottle and thin washcloth....both successful, but might have been as far as I got on my list of fun activities for the boys! We also made our first trip to the Cincinnati Aquarium with our niece in tow to help herd boys. It was awesome....their looks of wonder made the drive totally worth it!

Watching sea life at the Newport aquarium.

Bead and shoelace necklaces

Elijah sneaking
dog door!!
out the

August: Elijah turned 1!!! This little man has been magic and miracles from the moment we found out he was with us! Now our boys are 1, 2 and 3. Every year they are consecutive for 1 month.

Happy Birthday baby!


Daddy playing barn with Elijah
Timothy and Mason silliness!

Timothy heading in for school.
Silly Mason

Elijah finds a quiet place to read.

September: And Timothy turns 4!! The changes in him from his 1st birthday to his 4th were astounding! He requested a pink (homemade strawberry) cake with dinosaurs and a Christmas tree, along with a new orange bike. Had to be orange! He is so full of life at max volume, loves full force and is the best big brother (when he wants to be!).

Pink dinosaur cake...
Presents by the tree...

And a new orange bike!

From the baby carrier to the Walmart train cart!
Naptime diaper parade. LOVE!

Local 3k with the crew.
Oh my, what is it?!!
The wonder of a woolly worm!