Moving into 2012

It's a little funny, because we spent over 2 years hoping, praying, trying not to fret over, worrying...all about whether or not this would work out as we hoped it would, as we knew was best for the boys, and how we felt God was leading us. Once it was final and we left the building as an official family, we were a little shocked that there was no parade, no fanfare or angels singing. Just us, our little family of 5 walking back to the van, wondering if they would even remember this day. We celebrated, of course, and had momentary reality checks over the next few days and weeks. But now that calls and visits from social workers had stopped and paperwork was done at schools and doctors offices to make the name change, we were able to move forward, forever grateful for the journey, and the blessings that came with the challenges. While there may be questions or challenges ahead, as is sometimes the case with adoption, they weren't going anywhere and we settled deeper into the family we had become, which was always loud, always busy and always tons of fun.

Baby kisses with Elijah

And now we shop at Sams!

On a run with Eli and Mason

Over the course of 2 years and 3 months, we had shared pieces of our story with so many in different areas of our life. People we worked with when Timothy first showed up, those Scott now worked with, our families (most of mine was in Oklahoma), our church family, and friends from all over, but very, very few knew the whole story. So, in January of 2012, we had an adoption celebration at our church, inviting everyone who had loved and prayed for us during our journey to that point in time. My family was able to make it to town from Oklahoma which was especially nice because several of them had not yet met Elijah. It was a wonderful time of visiting and the celebration allowed us to share, not just what the journey had been like, but how blessed we had been by the genuine love that had surrounded us by so many.

Cousins, Rebecca and Timothy

Mason with Grandpa. Perfect fit.

Cousins Zachary and Elijah with
Uncle James.

Now it was time for the deep breath, now we were just a family, now I was just the wife of my best friend and mom to our 3 boys, having the time of my life. From teaching the ABC's to temper tantrums (mine and the kids!), potty training to first steps, naptime battles to freeze tag. I had always wanted this. I had it planned out a little differently, but thank goodness it didn't go according to my plan...this was WAY better!

Our first attempt at family movie night.