Second Quarter

Looking back, I see that April-June of 2012 held some fun and adventurous times! The boys were now 8.5 months, 2 years and 3.5 years old. It seemed with each passing day, new words were formed, milestones were met, arguments ensued and love and laughter delighted.

 April: Easter cuties headed to church!

These guys have wrecked my heart. Love them
through and through.
 And now headed home for nap...

Our family.
Scott's mom, Mimi, has the cutest Easter bunnies that the boys love! Not sure they will survive their childhood, but for now, each spring, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny bring great joy to our kids.

"Look Mason, one for you and one for me!"

Scary bunnies or perfect playmates?
Because you just never know!
 Loads of play time...

Not sure what's happening here but I like it.
This was a special moment. They were so
sweetly and quietly looking at blades of grass together.

May: When Timothy turned 2 we decided to start a tradition of taking each boy to their first Red's baseball game with Gram. She's a Brave's fan but was willing to see the Red's to spend this special time with her Great Grandsons. In May it was Mason's turn and we had great seats right behind the Red's dugout, thanks to some very dear friends!

Game ball from Brandon Phillips!

 My mom, Onka Gang, came for a visit.....

Four generations.
Special moment with Timothy
And we spent lots of time outside! We had picnics on a blanket under the shade trees, the boys played on the swing set we bought when Timothy was 18 months and Mason was just a babe, and now, 2 years later they are about to outgrow it! And we tried our hand at t-ball....oh my. Dirt angles, bats bigger than the boys, gloves on the wrong was great! Sadly, the coach was a disaster and it was an unreasonably hot spring. Several games were cancelled due to midday temps reaching 100....too hot for little ones!

Mommy with Elijah

Might be time for something bigger!
Batter up!

A Memorial Day picture with Daddy...

In June, Elijah started walking at 10 months old! Not sure I was ready for that quite so early, but he was, and still is, an independent go-getter. Again with lots of time outside, our first trip to the zoo, where a true love of Polar Bears was formed for all 3 boys, and, I decided for Father's day I would do a Pinterest picture idea I had found...of course, he loved it!

You're too little for this!
Mason and Gram just a swinging

My superheroes surveying the land from
the fence with homemade capes.

Mommy and Eli....what a smile!
Love this!!!

Timothy and Mason snuggles....sweet sugar!