The End of 2012's Year in Pics

Almost done with 2012. I mostly did this because I'm trying to write in chronological order and I can't write about the next part of the story yet. Guess I'm trying to kill a little time, but this really only stalled about two weeks which is no where near enough. So after this, I suppose I will just write (go figure) from our family moments that inspire me to do so, until I'm able to continue with the story. :)

October fun. Pumpkins, trick or treating, first hair cuts.....

"Cheese" my little Buzz Lightyear boys!
Carving our pumpkin....what a fun time that was! I can't stand the feel of the gooey insides, but Scott insisted Mommy help too. Thanks babe. I spared you the picture of my contorted look of disgust with my hand full of orange slime! :) And while I was making comments the entire time like, "Don't touch the knife!", "Don't throw seeds at your brother!", "Don't eat it!", and "That means any of you with the knife!", the boys had a blast and thought Daddy was the best face cutter ever.

My boys and I would take daily walks to the road for our mail while the weather was decent. They run a bit, throw rocks in the pond, pet the neighbors horse and today, Timothy played the part of Spider Man the length of our driveway and back home!

For Halloween this year (and every one since) my guys become, Spider Man, Captain America and Superman. And it's not just a costume that is interchangeable between brothers....they are these super heroes! And lucky for me, when they are 'in character', mommy becomes the princess in need of saving! This is a favorite for us all.

Our outside time is among our favorite pastimes so when the sun is out, we are too as long as we are able. This was such a beautiful fall day we let the boys sit outside for snack which we often did but they thought this set up was the best!

 My little Elijah at 14 months, getting his first haircut, much to his mother's dismay. I have to admit, daddy insisted on this one as "his hair is just getting too long and curly" and because I know this is a wound from his childhood with a red afro, I submitted. :) I love his glare as she gets a little close with those scissors!

November memories.... Our family as we were on this beautiful day. (Next time, don't face into the bright light!) Boys playing in the leaves.....and sobbing when we said it was time to go in. They asked if we could "please save the leaves" because it was SO much fun. Cookies, books, crafts and a trip home to Oklahoma.

That's a shadow by my finger....I'm not flipping the bird!
The boys had the very best time in the leaves! I have many I could share, but the shots of the three together are always my favorites. These boys... brothers through and through! And this of Elijah...oh my, I love it! Scott had been hunting during nap and was removing all his layers when Eli woke up. He came to the sun porch and had to try daddy's things on. Love the watch around the neck!

 Daddy teaching Timothy about the more important things in to dunk an oreo. Indeed a valuable lesson!
Love this, the boys piled into Mason's toddler bed with a stack of books to read together. This is one of those times I'd love to keep them little, when they were all small enough to fit in such a small space and be kind to each other.

Timothy and his turkey hat!

And then, the trip to my home town in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.

Sweet display of affection!
Julia, Onka Gang and Eli upon arriving to OK.

Love these mall carts!
Aunt Vickie (w Mason) bought the boys these fun
 hats that they still love today!

Still one of my favorite pictures of the boys.

Our TX people! Love!

 This was a special time home for my Gram who saw her sister, possibly, for the last time. Gram was 87 and had decided the long road trip, and being away from her KY home this long, was getting too hard on her. She said that this would be her last time to travel back home to OK, so their time together was infinitely more special. Watching them say their goodbyes, and taking "just one more picture", were very surreal moments. The knowing without saying, smiling through tears....I hope it was not their last time to see each other, but if it was, I'm thankful I was there. I have three sisters and there is many miles between us. While we are all young and healthy today, tomorrow is not a guarantee and not everyone gets to say goodbye. Each time we are together I'm reminded, just momentarily, of that moment between sisters, when my Gram whispered goodbye to her sister with a smile and a gentle hug.

Most of my Oklahoma family! Special times together.

December joy....dress up, bubble baths, Christmastime, adoption celebration, and lots of family time.

Fun boys!

Bath time!
Pinterest inspired handprints
on an ornament. Love it!

Adoption celebration...1 year!

Christmas with the extended family.

Boys ganging up on daddy!

Love, love, love Eli looking up to
his big brother Timothy.
My handsome little men on Christmas Eve.

Family picture with Santa

And so the year ended and 2013 rolled right on in bringing familiar excitement, new joy, lots of loud, loads of love, laughs, tears, and the rest of the story! I promise to write about it as soon as I'm able!!