These Moments...

About two and a half years ago, when Timothy was almost 4, he discovered my boobs, or, big mountains, as he called them. We were sitting on his bed saying bedtime prayers, he was on my lap facing me, when, apparently out of the blue, he felt 'hills'. I lost it. Laughed so hard I cried which, first upset him, then got him laughing in hysterics loud enough to make daddy pop in and ask what was going on. Through my laughter and tears I managed to say, "He called my boobs 'big'!" Timothy said, "No mom! Dad look, like hills for my trucks!" (Complete with sound effects) And now Scott was rolling!

Other than my months of pregnancy and nursing, I have never been accused of having big boobs, so this just about made my day! Of course, following this episode came the talks about why we don't touch boobs, or try to look down shirts, so, that was fun!

Then this morning, Mason, who is almost 5, was sitting on my lap just as Timothy was a couple years ago. We were having morning snuggles and talking about school before the day began when he brought his hands from around my back, under my arms and happened upon "them". Just as they had Timothy two years ago, for some reason they caught his attention for the first time. He said, "Mommy, your tummy is getting big." Trying to hide my chuckle while sliding his hands down to my tummy, I said, "May May, that's not mommy's tummy. Mommy's tummy is down here." He insistently stated, "No mom, your top tummy! I think you might be getting a baby in there again. Babies come from tummies, you know."

It's a delicate balance, I think, between not freaking out and making them feel bad, but also, not allowing them to linger on the topic. Personally, both times, I found it so funny partly because they were both so surprised at their discovery, and because both called them big! So, I held him, laughing, thinking what wonderful moments these are. So innocent. So sweet. So hysterical.... The thorns will come, but this was a rose to start my day.