The GREAT Rescue

The predicaments, our very brave 6 year old, Timothy, find himself in, that lead to terrified shrieks of, "Save me daddy! Help!" and sending his little brother in to fetch daddy and his 'gladder to save TiTa', are a combination of frightening, infuriating and funny for this Momma!

Even though we have requested he not climb on the outside of the 'hideout' for several reasons that include, but not limited to:
     That's not what it's for.
     Your little brothers will get hurt trying to follow you.
     I don't have time to take you to the ER tonight.
     I don't want to come out in the cold to rescue you.
     It scares mommy to see you hanging like that.
     Sorry bud, you're just going to have to hang there until you figure it out.

he continues to do so. On one hand, I appreciate the motor skills he is refining, he is quite a good climber and I would have done the same thing at his age, but on the other....seriously, I don't have time for a trip to the ER!

So, this is where we found him this time. This one is most certainly the daring-est of the daring dangles he's tried to date. And this time it really scared him.

Disclaimer: No child was hurt in the photographing of this maneuver. Daddy saved him just as quickly as his freshly operated on knee would allow! :)

And with that, Scott and I wonder when he'll try it again.....