This is more snow then I think I've ever seen!

It snowed for HOURS (like 15!) yesterday totaling in about a foot of snow. This morning the air was frozen, along with everything else, and was a sight beyond beautiful.

This is day 2 of snow days and being stuck home....all 6 of us, well, I don't know about you...I love my family, but all of us, stuck at home, for this long....we can become a little more like a zoo than we already are. Caged animals those boys become.

Scott is stir crazy for a project. Thank goodness I had a snow day craft set aside!!

Baby girl is cutting teeth, of course. And I'm thinking, can't we just watch Frozen again?!

So, we play outside.

Let the boys do things that differ from the eating snow cream in the morning BEFORE nap!

Watch a lot of movies and drink hot cocoa.

Do a craft, fall asleep on the couch, watch more movies, play outside again, eat more snow get the picture. Just survive it. That's the goal. Try to accept that these moments, or days, long as they seem in the moment, are fairly rare. (Over the next 12 years, calculating 5 snow days a year = 60 days.) Over the course of 12 years, that's not many. And I doubt they will let us entertain them with snow cream for very many years. And their desire to watch Frozen more than twice in two days will only go down.

I've done well these first two days, but I suspect we'll be stuck here the rest of the week. I'm trying to prepare myself for this, as they, and I, will only get crazier as the week goes on. So, while we try to be productive, we also accept that moments like these....


 ...are more important than a clean bathroom, or a mopped floor, because that's what they'll remember. They'll long for snow days full of hot cocoa after playing in the snow, fanaticize of the deliciousness of snow cream into adult hood, hoping to share that with their children,

and delight in a table covered in a fitted Mickey sheet that can only mean one thing...

....Mom is letting us paint!!!