I Don't Know Whose Kid This Is

Actual words I heard at the ball field this week during my boys game. They play machine pitch, on a team of nine, five and six year olds. This woman, a mom or relative I presume, came flying around, and into, the dugout hollering, "Whose kid is this? Someone needs to get control of him!"

Mind you, this season has only been a month long, playing between one and three games a week, and as anyone who has ever been around boys this age can imagine, when you put nine of them in a dugout, running, playing, and competing, they go Lord of the Flies, pretty quick. My boys included. In fact, Mason had already stepped on the fingers of a little sister in the dugout...coincidentally, the same little girl that had kicked at baby girl through the fence just two days prior.  But in this moment, as she was speaking in such a gruff manner of my son, I could see one boy crying and my son with his hands in the air saying, "he was kicking me" and, while I don't promote or condone my sons hurting anyone for any reason, all I could think of where her harshly spoken words and actions as she spouted "whose kid is this".

Lady, he's my kid. And I'd love to tell you a little about him, so the next time he chimes in with the eight other boys in the dugout, hitting, kicking, shouting and spitting, you might have less of a reason to assume he's a heathen with apathetic parents, and speak of him as you might any other six year old caught up in a "boy moment", because at any moment during this month long season, it could have been any of the nine.

He was 11 months, 3 weeks old when he came to us. He had been neglected to such an extent that our adoption lawyer (who was present the day he was removed) told us that 'the sight haunts her'. After years of trying to have a family, we decided to foster to adopt. I've attached a link where I wrote about the day we got him almost six years ago.


Today, this boy, my son, is an amazing guy. He can make me as crazy as anyone ever has. He is loud, all the time, he is rough, he is high energy to a dizzying degree, he back talks, and disobeys.....but he is also full of joy and compassion, he is smart and helpful, he loves Jesus and his brothers, he is his baby sisters great defender, and he is trying. All the time, he tries to help, he tries to learn, he tries to please.

"This kid" pushed his little brother down as they ran and played in the back yard last year...it broke Eli's elbow and he had to have a cast. But as Eli laid on the couch crying he brought him all his woo-woo's to help calm him down. He is a contradiction...rough and rowdy like a T-rex, but gentle and sweet like a lamb.

When he was four he had a new classmate show up, a little girl who used a walker. He would play with her and help her reach the toys she couldn't get to. When he was six, he had a classmate that struggled mightily during transition periods, but he would hold her hand and calm her when no one else could. When he finishes his math work early, he helps his friends that are struggling. He is encouraging and wants others to succeed. He shares his ice cream and his toys (when he wants to). He is polite. When he learned his friends mommy was having surgery to remove cancer, he prayed for her mommy and he cried for his friend, because he knew she would be scared. He is thoughtful and considerate.

While he is most definitely a six year old boy, easily caught up in, and stirring up, wild energy, he is something else. He is Timothy. He is my kid.

Thank you for asking.

Timothy and Mason