Time for Transition

Timothy, Mason, Elijah, Sophia

A big change has taken place at the Akin house....our two (and almost a half) year old baby girl has decided she's not such a baby anymore. She's taken the plunge toward 'big girl'. Which, in and of itself is a little funny because she's not yet 25 pounds, and is barely two feet tall! Not big as a minute, but ten days ago, as I was laying her down in her crib, she pointed at the big girl bed we set up in her room in March when we had #5 with us for a time. She has shown little to no interest in that bed at all, until this night when she pointed and sleepily grunted some incomprehensible word, that I'm sure meant "I want the big bed".

So, I pulled back the covers and laid her down. I gave her the 'rules' about staying in bed until her clock turned yellow (mytotclock.com for those of you who have littles who don't easily adhere to your sleep guidelines.). We sang, and prayed, and gave hugs and kisses, we found woo woo and said "I  love you".


I left the room in slight amazement and with very little hope that she'd make it the next fifteen minutes, let alone, all night. I even made a Facebook post saying as much with the appropriately adorable picture of her saying goodnight to the ponies on her pillow. But wouldn't you know, that girl slept through the night without a peep and when her clock turned yellow the next morning, she knocked on her door to be let out, since she's too short to reach the knob.

In the last ten days, she's only gone back to the crib twice, once at bedtime when she was kept up way late for a friends wedding, and the other, at nap, when I lost patience with her getting up knocking on the door. So, we decided it was time to....it's still hard for me to believe....put up the crib.

We bought it and set it up during spring break of 2009 without a child in sight. http://makingmemommy.blogspot.com/2014/10/brief-background.html?m=0  I can still remember that time so clearly. The praying constantly for a baby, for a family. Celebrating with others who found out they were pregnant, or had babies, all the while, fighting the pitiful feelings of wondering, 'why can't I do this?'.

When we bought the crib and prayed nightly for God to fill it, we could never have imagined that for the next five years and nine months, four babies would find restful slumber in that precious space. There are teeth marks where Timothy would stand and chew, cutting his first teeth on the edges. We bought a second crib when Mason came, feeling like Timothy was too young for a big bed, but when that crib broke in a move, we moved Timothy to a bed just one month after he turned two and put Mason in this crib. Mason stayed there until he was 18 months and Elijah was born. We put Eli in the crib and moved Mason to a toddler bed. Elijah remained in the crib until one month before he turned two because Sophia showed up. Each time a baby moved from the crib, it was so the next could occupy it. I must admit, I'm a little sad that there isn't another baby this time. But alas, there is not and the crib is in our basement storage until I am brave enough to try a repurposing project I have found on Pinterest. Thus bringing one long awaited, and greatly enjoyed, chapter to an end, and ushering in the possibilities of life's next chapter.