It's Just THAT Kind of Day

Do you ever label your days? I do, maybe not directly, and often with the same phrase, "it's just been that kind of day". Maybe it's a remnant of the athlete in me, always wearing the same socks, or same colored undies for softball games, or following the same Arby's and an orange routine before a home basketball game. Still, Scott can know what mind set I started the day with by one, or both of the aforementioned choices. He can also tell how my day actually went by other labels I end up with throughout our daily conversations, often culminating in how I spend the kids nap time.

Kids are the greatest thing in the world, to this I'm sure we can all agree. They are joy bringing, laugh producing, pride causing, evidence of good parenting, little dreams we all dream. Only to be replaced a minute later by jaw clenching, heart racing, eyes bulging, ugly side of ourselves revealing, tyrants who didn't get to watch tv (I'm SO mean!), but were instead ushered to their rooms to play with the toys they so gleefully unwrapped just 11 days ago (the injustice!). 

This swing in emotions, x 4, caused by anything and everything with no warning whatsoever, can really do a number on a momma trying to homeschool a first grader, potty train an almost three year old, and taxi the four and five year old back and fourth to preschool and kindergarten, and that's just before noon each day. My mind and body scream for the slow and easy lazy river, but they daily take me on the longest, most dangerous, most fun, most gut wrenching roller coaster they can muster. I often hear, by either awe struck, or appalled parents, "Your kids still nap?!". Yes, they do. After the daily circus of my life, I need the break. A little wind down. A regrouping session. It changes often, as their sleep needs shift with age or growth spurts, but it's quiet time in their rooms that allows us all to decompress. 

It's during this time that most reveals what kind of day I'm having...

Many days I just sit on the couch for about 15-20 minutes in silence before it occurs to me how bad I needed to hear nothing = everything has happened above the coveted 'inside voice' decibel.

Often I take to a few minutes of Bible reading and/or prayer = Please help me do this God. I'm obviously lacking and in need of your grace, mercy and wisdom.

There have been those few (very few) 'Yes, I'm having wine at nap time. No you don't need to come home early....well, maybe it wouldn't hurt...' = Thank goodness I love them so much and have sanity on my side!

There's the 'I fell asleep in the floor outside their door' days = obviously these days were fun. It's not easy to fall asleep mid-day, on the floor. But I've done it...wiped-out.

Oh, a favorite, 'I just ate all the oreos (m&m's, ice cream...whatever is within reach!)' = pity party. I want to have a lunch date with a girl friend. I want to wear makeup and to fix my hair every day. Or at least remember to brush it before I run out the door to the doctor, again. 

The unimpressive death stare = "Do we have to wake them up from nap? Can't they just sleep until tomorrow?"

There are my writing days = I have enough life in me to get the words out, which is good! 

And my exercise days = feeling frisky! Usually rocked the super mom cape these days! Go me.

Then there are days like today....

Oh yes, I did. All for me. None for the kids. A warm marshmallow sandwiched between two delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. Ahhh yeah. Shameless, and ok with it. Why? Because I've spent a couple days now, sure I was wrecking the lives of four little people, increasing the frown wrinkles on my face as I've beat myself up for it. But somehow today, it occurred to me, we are doing just fine. Not perfect, but making our way the only way we know how. That's just a little bit more than the law will allow. Oh wait, thats from Dukes..... But, we are in fact, making our way. Ups and downs, struggles and successes. And I'm happy. Happy with them, with this life we have together. I guess this warm, gooey goodness was just a feel good treat to go with my recovered smile.

Usually, by the time they wake I'm refreshed, revived and renewed, sure I can continue through my day, positive God did in fact bless me with this crew.