Our State of Confusion

Ok Target. You have made your stand. I'm not exactly sure why you've made this decision, but you have. Maybe I'm wrong, but if I were to guess, I'd think the majority of your store traffic is moms, many with young kids in tow, as I am, nearly every time I enter your doors. Who knows what, if any, backlash you will face, but I have this idea, I'm not the only mom/woman (by birth) who is questioning whether or not I'll come back. Is that worth it to you? To lose the business of your biggest fans? I guess it is, because here we are.

At first, my only concern was for my kids. They don't need to be exposed to gender confusion at their age. And before you bash me for 'hating on transgender people', or 'being a bigot', understand I'm neither. I have no reason to hate others for their choices, but I have have a greater responsibility to my kids, whom I love dearly, to protect them from things I find inappropriate, or harmful.  It seems this should be a societal norm, but for some reason it's not, because you have failed to consider them in this decision. There is no good explanation as a parent that I can give them for why a man is in the women's restroom, or a woman in the man's. And, the more I consider it, and my husband weighs in on my thoughts, the more I see I'm also concerned for myself, and the other women wishing to relieve themselves in private.

Before I make anyone too mad, I realize that most of the transgender individuals who utilize the bathroom of their choosing, instead of the bathroom of their birth gender, are harmless. They have no desire to do anything more than the in and out necessity of the job. But people, for the love of obviousness, you have to see how you've opened the door for ANY man to use the woman's restroom, since you sure can't deny the right to anyone. And lets not forget the men! What will we do when teenage girls use the men's room. Now our husbands, fathers, and sons will be exposed to girls, completely against thier will, and we call that ok? And what about when one of those girls accuses a man of exposing himself to her? Or 'checking her out'? Or worse? What if that man did nothing more than pee? What if he did assault her? Who will you believe?  You've made it ok for the situation to even be a possibility! And I can't even imagine what my 90 year old Grandmother will think, or say for that matter, the first time she walks in to your bathroom and sees a man standing there. For heavens sake.

So, now the questions stands, who's next? I can steer clear of Target, and will as much as I hate to, but what happens when the next big chains follow suit? When the mall, or our local restaurants decide this is acceptable? Are we to avoid every place that supports this infringement on our rights? I don't see how. So what's the answer? And spare me your nonsense about how slight of a chance this may be, that someone with ill intentions would ever use a public restroom to carry out these acts. Check out the statistics on sex crimes against women and children, and now you've given them a private place where dropping our britches is why we are in there in the first place! Where is my protection? Will you post guards, or camera's, in your  bathrooms to ensure nothing like this goes on?  Am I just to hope, each time I use the bathroom, that this is not the time someone in my family becomes a statistic? Come on people. Where's the common sense?

I'm so discouraged by the direction this whole movement is taking, and not because I hate anyone, but because I wonder where, or if, we will draw the line?