To my Mother-in-Law

Dearest Norma,

   You and me, we love the same people with an unmatched ferocity. Differing perspectives, but love unmatched, nonetheless. Often we are perfectly agreeable in our opinions and views of the world, but often times we are not. You have that grandmother view, while I'm still full on mommy vision. You are one of the first people I call when I'm in need, angry, sick, or any combination of the aforementioned, and you are one of the first to irritate me when we disagree.

If I never saw another peppermint, I'd be fine with that. McDonald's every time you watch the kids...grrr. Dipping a serving of dessert big enough for a rhino for a child whose tummy is the size of an orange, please!! Shows we don't allow and bedtimes later than we prefer...

But you know what, none of that really matters. Not really.

Today you went to the ER with chest pain. Tonight, you are 'sleeping the night' with an IV hooked up, monitors beeping and nurses running labs every few hours. Oh, what I would give to have you pop up the drive to give these kids a peppermint!

I'm quite certain you will be fine. They haven't figured out what's causing your pain yet, but you are a tough cookie. You are the one we all call...for everything. You're Mimi, for heavens sake. You've got to dust your boots off and get ready for the next big get together. Fried chicken, right?

You didn't call anyone when you were in pain this morning. I happened upon that, actually because I called for something I needed. But I could hear it in your voice. Turns out, you need us as much as we need you. And I'm glad for that.

It's funny, tonight, as I think of the things that frustrate me, they are the exact things our kids will remember with such fondness someday when they are grown. Oh, I'm sure they will still frustrate me, but understand, beneath it all, you are Mimi to them, and Mother (in-law) to me. You are irreplaceable. So, take a rest. Know that we love you. And bring these kids a peppermint tomorrow!!

With love,