A Life That Matters

I want my words and my life to matter.

Is that too much to ask? I want the ideas in my head to pour out of me in a way that affect those who read it. I want you to laugh along with me, or at me on occasion. I want you to shed a tear, feel my frustration, sense my anger, and share my joy. I want my words to matter.

I want this life I lead to make a difference. I want someone to be inspired, happier, better, changed... because I have lived. Because I have loved. Because I have shared.

I have been mulling these thoughts around for some time, feeling frustrated because my scope of influence is small. Because I'm actually a little scared of sharing my words and thoughts (despite the fact I write and share them publicly!). Because, do I really have anything important to say?

And then the obvious hit me. I have actual people who look to me, my love, my words, my actions to teach them, mold them, encourage them, guide them, grow them. And with that came, "Holy crap! Maybe I don't want my words to mean so much. Maybe I'm not up for the task."

Oh friend, but you are. Can you relate? The Bible tells us that life and death in is the power of the tongue (Prov 18:21). Your words have the power to grow a young boy into a confident, loving young man. Your words can shape the way he thinks of himself,  and the way he thinks of others. Your words have the power to teach him to read, to write, to love the process of learning...or to hate it. Your words can soothe when his feelings are broken, to lift when his spirit is saddened, to strengthen when he is weak.

Your words can light up the face of your little girl, or bring her to tears. You can encourage her to move mountains, or not. To blow through barriers, real or perceived, or to cower at them. To stand firm in her faith, or to doubt it. She watches your every move, and soaks in your every word.

You want your life to matter? Matter to her. Matter to the little men who look to you for love, comfort and acceptance, but also for your pride and praise as they seek to be a bit less "little" and a bit more 'man' every day.

So, I go back....It that too much to ask? Of me, absolutely. Of my Father who gave me this life, this position, this circle of influence? No way.  I see so clearly when my words bite, but even more so, how they give life. I see our day sink or soar simply by the attitude, and words, I approach it with. It's tough to show up every day, ready to 'give life' to those around you, but show up anyways. Grab an extra cup of coffee, put on your best 'mom pants', throw your hair up and show up, just as you are. Remember the power given us in Christ... He has given us everything we need to make this life count. Now go forth and matter, however big, or small, your circle is...go.