A Thanksgiving to Remember

It's been a few days, so I figure it's safe to write about. You know those great holiday stories that end with a gasp and a shout of "No he didn't!" followed quickly by the nearly hopeful, "Shut up! You're kidding me!" Well, we had one such Thanksgiving, and I'd like to tell you the story.

It all started with a visit from old friends, a houseful of family, and a magnificent twenty pound bird. We bought our turkey two weeks ago in preparation of our Thanksgiving dinner for our nearly thirty expected guests. It was to serve as the center piece to an island full of lovingly prepared side dishes for our feast of Thanks. We began the thawing process three days in advance, then cold water bathed the beauty for two hours Thursday morning before she was finally ready. We bagged her, then rubbed her breast, wings and thighs with a slightly melted stick of butter, massaging it into her skin for that perfectly delicious exterior that serves to protect the sweet juicy meat inside. I then coated her buttery exterior with a succulent blend of seasons, taking great care to cover every inch of our soon to be main dish.

Thankful and Blessed

When the preparations where complete, we sealed the bag, tucked her into the roasting pan and slid her into the oven. Within two hours the aroma of our delectable dinner was wafting up the stairs from the basement stove, filling the room full of family and friends who had gathered to share in this feast. Almost three hours later, the time had come. Our turkey was perfect and ready to be presented. Scott took the platter down the stairs, removed the turkey from the bag, releasing all her savory aromas for our expectant guests, and proceeded back up the stairs where we were anxiously awaiting. Conversations were taking place, friends were laughing and sharing. I was on the back side of the door when I heard it.... THUD! I thought someone had pushed over a chair, so I whipped my head around to my friends husband, Ed, and said, "What was that?" His wide eyes stared down the stairs then looked up to me as he said, "He dropped the turkey." His words were almost fake, and thinking of it now, was like a really bad joke. I said, "He did what?!" as I yanked the door back to get a better view. Sure enough, there it was...our beautiful turkey laid broken in pieces, her legs straight up in the air,  meatless, where the perfectly tender morsels had been flung off at impact. With his eyes wide and his hands empty, Scott looked up at me and said, "I dropped it. I don't know how, but I dropped it." 

I could have died!!! I started into the, "Why? How? What in the..." but then I stopped, told him to pick up her mangled breast and get it back on the platter and realized instantly that this would make a great Thanksgiving story....in about a week!!! We started rolling....not Scott of course...he was mortified, but the rest of us enjoyed quite a laugh. As his mom and sister jumped in to clean up the rest of the pieces, I wiped off the buttery juices from his jeans and said, "It doesn't matter. Not at all. There's more than enough food to feed a small army up there and this is going to make Thanksgiving 2016 one we talk about forever!" So, with his tail tucked a little between his legs, Scott emerged up the stairs to a houseful of family and friends all ready to laugh and fill our plates with side dishes! 

Upon closer inspection, we decided most of the meat could still be salvaged, and what's a little dirt or dog hair really going to hurt anyways!? So, with a prayer of thanksgiving and hearts full of laughter, we ate the magnificent feast...bird and all!! 

In the end, none of that really matters at all. What makes Thanksgiving great are the ones you love, far and near, sisters and sons, moms and dads, friends new and old, kindness, laughter and a little pumpkin pie when its all said and done. 

Eph 5:20 Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless,