Mom Tip Monday: Laundry for Six

Good morning and happy Monday! 

Do you sometimes look at your laundry basket, or baskets (three for us), and wonder how six people can go through so many pairs of sock, undies, or shirts in a day, or week?! Sometimes, after a weekend, I feel like we each have three outfits a day: jams, play/work/church clothes and post event clothes. . That's a lot of clothes for two days! Like somewhere between 40-50 outfits, plus 12 socks and undies, if there are no accidents or puddle jumpers, to be exact!


But, there's one simple thing I do to keep on top of it all, and keep from having to do a massive laundry day, that keeps me from other things I'd rather be doing. I run a load of something every night. Sometimes its towels, or whites, or jeans, but it's a full load of something every single night, set on delay to run while we sleep. Toss it in the dryer first thing in the morning, and bam, seven loads done. Simple, yet effective.

Typically, I run another load while the night load drys, so even if it takes me all day to get that one cycled through the dryer and folded, I've still done two loads almost every day. Sure, I still have those heavy laundry days where I run three or four loads, like when we change bed sheets, or during baseball season, but for the most part, that night load keeps me on top of our piles of dirty laundry. 

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I hope this tip helps keep your mountains of laundry to a tolerable hill! Have a blessed Monday...