Boys on Bikes

A small, yet brave moment in my youngest son's life, has just changed the dynamics of Mommy life for me in a monumental way. Elijah conquered the bike, with no training wheels! His older brothers, Timothy and Mason, have been trekking about our farm training wheel free for a while now, and since he's not one to be left behind, he decided it was time.

In a spur of the moment decision Sunday afternoon, Elijah asked Scott to remove the training wheels. I jumped in, protective mommy style and said, "Oh, baby, are you sure you're ready for that yet?" Scott gave the eye roll that means I'm babying him, and got the wrench. As soon as the second wheel hit the garage floor Eli pushed the bike to the designated learning place in our yard where he's seen both of his brothers take the plunge, and gave it a go. Scott had hold of the back of the seat and ran along side him twice, and both times ended in Eli breaking by laying the bike over. But by the third time, he was already getting the hang of it, and hasn't looked back.


His coordination amazes me, and his desire to be 'big' alarms me, but his success thrills me! Being the youngest of the three boys, he's been motivated from the start to keep up, walking by ten months, jumping off anything they did by 12 months, and now this. 

You know those moments where, in just an instant you can see the tide just shifted? You feel it when your children become mobile, or the first day of school, and I felt it when those three boys raced down the drive on their bikes together, rough, adventurous and free. It is equal parts amazing and terrifying, no matter what the event! 

Babies don't keep, and little boys don't sit idle. This summer is sure to be full of adventures they will always remember. My eyes fill with tears when I think of riding bikes with my sister and Carrie from around the corner, remembering how carefree those summers were, how indestructible and carefree we thought we were. I see my boys making memories, but with each new stage they get further and further away from me. No longer are they clung to me while I make dinner or falling asleep on my they are warriors on a battle field fighting for those they love, or some other imaginative world they invent in the moment. 

I long for them to be little, but I love watching them be big. What a difference a little wheel can make in the life of a mom. I'm glad these are my sidelines to watch from...they will never be boring!