Wednesday's Word: Psalm 23:3

Imagine. The one you love, who loves you more than anything you ever could have hoped for. He is strong, protective, compassionate, your best friend. Imagine you are having 'one of those days'. Kids are rotten, work (whether in, or out, of the home) is tough, bills are stacked, as are the dishes, and one responsibility, insecurity, anxiety after the next just piles higher and higher on your shoulders, your heart and your mind. Then who should walk in, but 'him'. Your one. He takes you by the hand and says, Come on. Let me help you. Let me hold you and lighten your load. Let me love you a little while and get you back on even ground.

Really go there.... what's that look like for you? For me, I'm thinking he puts the kids in front of a show, pours me a glass of wine, then takes me to the front porch and just sits with me a while. He probably doesn't even bother saying anything for a little while, just holds my hand. After a time I'll heavy sigh, then smile and thank him as we make our way back to reality. Kids need fed, kitchen cleaned, baths, bedtimes... but he'll bear the brunt of that load tonight, because he can just tell I need him to. Because he sees me. He knows me. 

Nice isn't it? If you have someone who knows you that well. But you know what? Even my 'one' fails me, and yours does too. Because they are struggling through their own stuff, because they are imperfect, because sometimes seeing others is just too much. 

Now imagine, the One whose image you bear. The one who knows the number of hairs on your head. The one who fearfully and wonderfully made you in your mothers womb. Imagine He is holding out His hand to you. Imagine He sees you when you are alone and afraid, when you've just finished barking at your family, when you can't get to dinner because everything seems to be going wrong at exactly that moment, when your boss is riding you, or your kids are annoying you....

He sees you. He reaches out His hand and says, "Come on. Walk with me. Be still with me." And He never fails to be there. Ever.

David says, in Psalm 23:3 He leads me beside quiet waters. He renews my life. 

Can you breathe it all in? The sights and sounds of the quiet waters. Jesus there with you. Holding you, loving you, helping you, lightening your load. Renewing your life. Take a deeper breath in, close your eyes and just be with the One. 

If your day is racing out of control, remember His hand is there for you. You just have to reach out and take it. I know I need to today, and every day. Let Jesus lead you and renew your life!

God bless!