Mom Tip Monday: You

Hey ladies... moms... you matter. A lot. It makes no difference if you are a stay at home, homeschool, working, or single, mom. You are vital to the emotional health and vitality of your home. In fact, there's a good chance, you are largely responsible, whether or not you want to be, for the emotional state of your home. 

I'm all about the man leading the family. I'm also all about equality and non-traditional roles for parents. (I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but I don't cook all the meals in our home, and Scott can flat clean a toilet!) But, when it comes to how the children respond and react, at least in our home, it is a stark reflection of my mood, my temperament, and my emotions. Am I responding or reacting? Am I irritated? Because if I am, 9 out of 10 times, so are they. Am I a dancing queen? If so, they can't help but join me on the dance floor laughing and smiling ear to ear! It's just the way it is. So, if I'm not 'on my game', our family suffers.

So, what's your plan to stay on your A-game? This will look totally different for all of us, but here's a few off my list if you're struggling with where to start...

  1. Workout. Period. However this looks for you. Do it. Walk, run, go to the gym, do pilates at home, whatever. Just do it. (Thanks Nike, for that universal logo for encouragement!) If you're making excuses as you read this, stop. Find a time. I always said I never understood people who didn't make time for this, and then I had 4 kids. I went almost two years, maybe working out less than ten times. I. went. nuts. Literally. Ladies, it really is like sweating the crazy out! Since October, we've made it a priority again. It's never convenient, but always essential. Find a time. Find a way. Find a workout. And go sweat.
  2. Drink lots of water. I'm a huge advocate for hydration and will go to my grave telling everyone around me to drink more water. It cures what ails ya. Always. And even if it doesn't completely, it sure doesn't hurt. So, raise your glass, and drink more aqua!
  3. Sleep. Get more. There's really not much more I can say about this...I'm too tired. Just get more. 
  4. (sex) (shhhh) But seriously. Married ladies, have as much of this as you can!! It's God's design for our marriages. (See Song of Solomon.) Your husbands will be happy. You will be happy. 
  5. Diet. Ditch it. Ditch all the tricks and gimmicks, drinks, pills and fads that change ideas about what you should or shouldn't eat. It's simple really.
  • Eat approximately 3 meals a day with 1-2 snacks.
  • Don't skip breakfast and don't eat late at night.
  • Eat portions that make sense, (you know when it's more than you should have).
  • Stop when you are satisfied, not full.
  • Stop eating candy, or processed sweets. If you want a cookie, take the time to make homemade with natural ingredients and no chemical preservatives. Which leads to probably the most important point...
  • Eat "real" food. God made our bodies and He made the food our bodies need and are able to process. Food in a box or can is not food. You can go as nuts with this as you want, or not lose your head over it, but start somewhere, limiting processed food and replace it with the real thing. The more of this you do, the less you will want what isn't real. We are so conditioned by the taste of convenient food, but I guarantee, the real deal tastes so much better. Plus you will notice over time, that your energy will increase when your body is no longer struggling to process chemicals, but can use the natural vitamins and minerals in real food. 

(This list pre-supposes you know God, pray, and spend time in His word. If this is not the case, above all else, He is the one who can change your heart, and life. Without Him, I imagine these other ideas will help with energy and mood, but your heart will still long for a relationship with the Father.)

I hope this list helps give you some ideas if you are struggling with where you fit in to the list of priorities in your home. I'm sure we've all heard it said, "You can't pour from an empty cup", so find a way to fill yours up with goodness that will overflow to the rest of your family.

Ps 23:5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup runneth over. (meaning: I have more than enough for my needs)

Have a blessed week!