Wrap It Up: June 17

What a jam packed month this has been, full of baseball, celebrations and vacations! June is one of my favorite months, when it's still cool in the morning but plenty of hot sunshine all day. It's full time flip-flops, but not yet the oppressive heat that often comes by the end of July and into August. 

It all started with a delightful baseball season coming to a close. Our Peanut league Reds were runner-up (coached by Daddy!)...

Scott (second coach from left) and Eli (third boy from right)

Scott (second coach from left) and Eli (third boy from right)

And our first place Rookie league Mariners!!

Mason and Timothy, 2nd and 3rd from left, bottom row.

Mason and Timothy, 2nd and 3rd from left, bottom row.

We celebrated Scott's birthday and our ninth wedding anniversary! We consider it a gift that we like each other more after ten years together and four kids, than we did the day we married. 

We camped out, played pirates on hay bales, and pressure washed the back porch (aka sprayed the kids...no pics since clothes are pretty much just dropped where they are as they run through the spray underwear clad). The camp out nights are such a delight to our boys, even Scott who loves this special time with them. Sophia has tried the last two times, but never makes it past 10pm without being sent inside. This particular campout, a bull frog croaked all night long in his slow, deep voice, drawn out like an appropriately southern bullfrog should. The boys were equal parts fascinated and freaked out by him. We have our hay cut and baled about twice a summer and for the last couple years, this time has offered the kids a new and exciting backdrop for their wildly creative imaginations. This year....pirates walking the planks. Their imagination is entertaining at its best... mildly dangerous at its worst!

Ah, the first piano recital. I had such butterflies at my last piano recital when I was in the eighth grade. I played a song called The Fountain. It was beautiful, and I played it rather well...at least in my mind I did. I've got the piece in a frame hanging above the piano, reminding me how much I regret that I ever quit. But alas, this recital was not about me....I hope the kids will stay interested enough to keep at this for many, many more years, although, I'm fairly confident it will be pretty tough to top the first one! (sorry for low picture quality...best I could do in the lighting through my tears)


What an amazing trip this was! We have pushed off going to the beach for a couple years now for one reason or another, but this year, due to a handful of circumstances, we decided at the last minute to give it a try. Despite the fact we were cut short by a day because of tropical storm Cindy, we had three trips to the beach, a day at the Naval Air Museum and some good sea food. It was a very memorable first time to the ocean for our family and we cannot wait to do it again!

While it has been a wonderful month, it's hasn't all been butterflies and rainbows...pain and struggles are always part of the deal, and ours hit in a matter of four days this week. Of course, this was also the week Scott was gone for work...Murphy's Law! Sunday evening, I dropped a hot cast iron skillet on my arm for less than half a second and burnt the wizzle out of myself. Monday, Eli was stung by a wasp on his hand that grew exponentially more swollen over the next three days where it looked as if it could pop. Tuesday, Sophia woke up sick to her stomach that would turn out to be an ear infection. The puking started at the doctor's office, continued in the van, and again at home...three times...until the meds finally kicked in. Then Wednesday, Timothy had allergy testing done...no fun, people, no fun. 

But it's important to keep life in perspective....while these events aren't trivial, they are also very manageable. We currently have friends walking through major, life changing events, which by no means reduces the life we all lead, but it does require us to count our blessings and consider those around us who are in a difficult season, and bear up under them while their load is heavy. While we may not be now, we have recently been knocked down by trials that took friends willing to come along side us to lift us and keep us moving forward to help us get through that time. Look for those around you who may need that extra hug, a prayer, or a word of encouragement, and be that friend who lightens their load, even if just for a  moment. 

Favorite Pics of the Month....

1) happy boys after a night of baseball, princess, first place Mariners, ice cream after the win

2) a girl and her dog, my boys rainbow watching, our nieces Quinceanera daddy/daughter dance, the hubs and I being silly at previous celebration

3) my Great Uncle Charlie who passed away this month. My Uncle Steven found this picture of Charlie and I when I was a baby....love, family beach pics x 3

4) toes in the sand, my girl, our patio sunset view, my smiling guy after his allergy testing

I hope you count the blessing around you each day. Until next month!