Wrap It Up: July 17

Over half way through 2017. I'm not sure why, if it's because it's summertime, because a lot is always going on, or because I'm trying out this 'recap of the month' post, but something is making the time just FLY lately! July was, once again, a month packed with lots of fun, and big, exciting events! 

We kicked the month off with a trip to the theater to see Cars 3. Super cute movie, and a family date that is becoming more and more fun now that 3 of the 4 will sit and watch a movie! Come on Sophia! 

For the fourth we had two celebrations...one at a local lake put on by our church and the other at home with lots of family and friends. Both were lots of fun, crazy hot, mosquito ridden, water slide, hay ride packed events!

Our curriculum for our 17-18 school year showed up which can only mean one thing.....School's back in session! We love our nearly year round schedule because it allows us so many breaks, free days, field trips days, sick days.....pretty much what ever we need, we take it. So starting back on late July mornings when the heat and humidity can suck the life out of ya is just no big deal. Come beautiful October mornings, we'll spend plenty of them romping around the farm!

Next came Daddy's Mexico mission trip and our crazy packed week without him.... Scott had an amazing time teaching pastor's in Oaxaca, Mexico with two other wonderful men and the local missionaries. 

While he was away, we kicked off our school year with a light load and lazy mornings, had VBS at church in the evenings, ran over Papaw's dog (which to everyone's dismay, she did not survive), had 3 of the 4 test positive for strep, had one of our chickens beheaded by something in the night, then drug onto the sunporch by one of our dogs, had a quick drive by visit from one of my childhood bonus moms whom I love dearly, and shattered a wine glass trying to remove it from the rack to pour said mom and myself a glass. That moment right there, that did me in. I stood and cried in a sea of broken glass. And then I pulled myself together, cleaned it up and took a drink right out of the bottle!! No, I didn't really, but I sure thought long and hard about it! It was a rough week, and we missed daddy, but we prayed often for him, talked to him daily, and got through it all just fine. 

So what is the perfect family project after Scott got home from a week in Mexico?? Our favorite canning event....Salsa!! This was our 10 year anniversary of canning salsa together. We joked that it used to be a much 'hotter' affair before all our little helpers, but it's so much fun having each of them jump in and have a job. This years salsa is about the best we've made! 


Next came a trip to the local waterpark, and then.....

Daddy is a Spartan!!! He kicked bahootie at the Ft. Knox Spartan Race, and we were there running about the course trying to catch as many of his obstacles as possible. It was blazing hot but so much fun. Kids can't wait to try the kids course next year.

That about sums us up for the month of July!! Hot, fun, family times....my favorite!