Mom Tip Monday: Fidgety Feet

Hello blogger world! Today's Mom tip is short and simple. It won't change your life or blow your mind, but, it may give you that small victory we all need on a Monday morning! 

To my homeschool Mommas that may be reading this....if you have a kid with fidgety feet that need something to do while his hands and brain do school work, here's your tip:

Put an exercise band around the legs of his desk or chair. It provides a little resistance, and something to keep those feet occupied so his mind can focus on the task at hand. Simple.

IMG_2424 2.JPG

Like I said, it won't rock your world...or his...but it may be of some help when those little feet struggle to be still. Sure, we still have to have lego breaks, or exercise time-outs with jumping jacks or stretching, but this little band has been so helpful in providing just a touch of feedback for his feet while he focuses on his work.


Not a homeschool mom, but think this might be of some help for your kiddo in the classroom? Ask their teacher. It's non-disruptive and fairly discreet, and just might be the thing to help your little toe tapping, feet shuffling, foot stomping student keep his mind off his feet and on the task at hand. 

Have a blessed week!