Making Me a Missionary: It's About That Time

It's been around five or six years since I first had the inkling that I'd like to go to Africa on a mission trip. One year since I knew God wanted me to go on this years trip. Almost ten months since I committed to going. And now... the time has come!

All the bags are packed, repacked and repacked again, lessons are ready, devotionals prepared, countdown chains for the kids, videos of bedtime songs and books are recorded, notes of encouragement written, school lesson plans are done and....well, I guess that's mostly it. 

We've been talking to the kids and my Gram since the beginning, trying to prepare their hearts for me to be gone, and to help them understand what I'll be doing "on the other side of the world". So many tears have been shed by all, but I think we are finally to a place that we understand I am excited about going and sad about leaving all in the same tear, each and every tear. We are counting down each nights sleep and how many more bedtime snuggles we have before I go and then reminding them as they get sad, that it just means they get to start the countdown to Mommy coming home. 

This trip has been such a life changing experience and my luggage is still on the dining room table! I can't imagine what the next couple weeks have in store for us all, but I'm ready to find out! 

So, to our families, thank you for your prayers, financial support, and to those who are helping here with Gram and the kids....we couldn't do it without you. My words are insufficient to express the thanks and gratitude we have toward all of you.

To my crew... Gram, we got this! You are the strongest woman I've ever known!! My heart will be with you every moment and my hands on your hands each night as you whisper your love to me.


My babies, pray for Mommy and for the kids in Africa I will get to teach and love on, be good for Daddy and know Mommy is always, always with you. You are the little loves of my life and I will miss you terribly.


Scott, baby, you are awesome! You haven't faltered in your support of my going one bit, even with as much as it will shake things up for you here at home. Have fun with the kids, be patient, and talk about me lots! I love you with all of me and will miss you so big! 


To the team, if any of you read this, AHHHHH! I am so excited, so thankful for each of you, and so ready to GO!! Your faith, prayers and encouragement have been humbling and your experience invaluable as you've answered questions, calmed nerves and deflated fears the last ten months.

It's about that time.....