Wednesday’s Word: Joshua 6:1-27 and The Circle Maker

If you have read this book, drop a 🙌🏻 in the comments....if you haven’t, might I recommend you go grab a copy of The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson.


This line right here “It’s always too soon to quit praying because you never know when the wall is about fall.” The reference here is the battle of Jericho (Joshua 6:1-27) and God’s instructions to circle the wall for seven days.

What if the Israelites had quit marching circles after six days because nothing was happening, it looked hopeless, and by all logical standards, there was no way they could take the city just by walking around the walls!?! They would have missed the miracle, God’s power, and His promises because they quit too soon.

I can think of so many circumstances in my own life, like praying for eight years for a baby before God brought our first of five children, or praying for my Gram for ten years...a decade!....before she came to Christ. So the question begs, “What is your Jericho?” And have you quit praying because it seems impossible, or you’ve been praying for a decade with no results? Maybe it’s a child, or healing, or a call to ministry....

Whatever your “wall” is, keep praying. Keep circling. Keep trusting in the promises God has given you. You never know when the miracle will happen and you don’t want to quit before it does. 

Have a great day friends!